Promoting business innovation in Sussex in 2019

Following the launch of our innovation zone earlier this week, our expo team’s thoughts have turned to business innovation in Sussex. It’s no secret that innovation plays a key role in ensuring business success, and importantly, in uncertain business times can help to ensure your company is futureproofing.

Here, ahead of our June expo, our business experts discuss ways your business can encourage and promote innovation among your employees and beyond…

Employee innovation

Understandably, businesses need to operate productively. It also goes without saying that you don’t want staff being distracted if they’re busy. Think short term regularly though, and you could be missing out on bigger opportunities. Allowing employees to work on projects outside of their usual remit and based on their interests in your business can bring out the best in your team and your company.

Solutions for customers

You know your customers and their needs, but think about the people in your team who speak to them on a regular basis. They can offer valuable insight in to their thoughts, problems and lifestyles helping you to build a clearer picture. This can help you identify gaps in the market that you may be able to utilise.

Create productive teams

Some people can innovate alone; others work better as part of a team. Listen to your employees- encouraging a positive working environment where teams feel valued and all working towards the same goal will help encourage innovation.  By all means assign projects an owner, but allow collaboration.

Innovation in Sussex

Some of the key innovators in the Sussex region are our learning establishments and universities. Promoting business innovation in Sussex starts at education level and should follow through to the workplace. Innovation in Sussex is alive and thriving, and in uncertain times encouraging everyone in your business to innovate is important, no matter what level of job role they’re in. More junior members of the team and newer members of staff may have a different perspective to those who have been with the company years; these can all be beneficial.

Invest in technologies

Understandably, new technologies such as VR and augmented reality are expensive. Investing in a new tech needn’t be in the form of cash though. Spend time getting to understand these technologies; how they work and what is currently in development for the future. Think about how these could help your business when they become more accessible. If you would like to understand more about what business innovation in Sussex looks like in 2019, our innovation zone at our Brighton exhibition is a good place to start, and visiting is free.

See the bigger picture

When we think of innovation, it’s often physical products that spring to mind. However, creating innovative processes or services can also help your business grow, become more profitable or be positioned as innovation leaders. Think about current trends and how external, lifestyle and political factors are likely to impact these. Predicting a problem can help you to find a solution.

To find out more about exhibiting in the innovation zone at our 2019 Brighton expo please contact us.

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