Connectivity and Cloud

Connectivity has become the key component within modern business communication. Naturally essential for email and web usage, it is now vital for cloud applications such as telephony, CRM, accounting and marketing tools.

As cloud services run through your broadband, the performance of the two become intrinsically linked. If your connectivity isn’t up to scratch, your business won’t be able to run at its optimum, hampering productivity, competitiveness and growth.

Finding a connectivity provider (ISP) who can contribute to your business success doesn’t have to be a daunting task. To help you ask the right questions and find the right solution, we’ve created a helpful, downloadable Buyer’s Guide to Connectivity.

Although you may be using some cloud applications, you may not have decided to move your whole IT infrastructure to the cloud. There are many options within this, in the form of public, private or cloud models. Your cloud solution should be customised to suit your business, not just ‘one size fits all’.

There are many benefits a business can gain by moving to the cloud. As a cloud provider, we’ve drawn on our experience to highlight some of the benefits we see as being the most valuable.

You can download the Infographic as a PDF, or read the text below.

1. Predictable Budgeting:

Cloud is delivered as a monthly subscription. Say goodbye to costly infrastructure upgrades with predictable monthly budgeting.

2. Fully Managed:

Be confident in the knowledge that your cloud IT estate is fully managed, updated, protected, monitored and maintained to the highest standard.

3. Scale As Required:

As and when your business changes in size we’ll simply scale your cloud provision match. Never pay for more than you actually need.

4. Ultimate Flexibility

Work from anywhere with an internet connection; login to access the cloud on any PC, tablet or laptop. Counteract a failure, everyday hiccup, or just enable flexible working.

5. Business Continuity:

Thinking about backups is a thing of the past, your cloud is regularly, securely backed up, so in the event of an office disaster or computer failure you can reconnect and carry on as normal on any device.

6. Always Up-to-date:

Operating systems and software are continually, discreetly updated to their latest versions, ensuring up-to-the-minute security patching and minimal downtime during working hours.

If you’d like impartial advice about either your connectivity or cloud services, M-Tech would be happy to chat to you. Please either email us at or call 01323 404040.

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